I am a London based potter working close to home at Kindred Studios in North Kensington.

I first handled clay at the age of thirteen and ceramics has played a major role in my life ever since. I became a pottery teacher in 1977 and have spent many enjoyable years teaching in West London secondary schools.

I was always able to continue with my own work, first at local evening classes and later, as a partner in the Fired Up group of ceramicists based at Westbourne Studios.

I am now sharing a workspace in an exciting community of ninety-five artists, taking part in local projects, markets and open studios.

My work is largely handbuilt and coiling has always been my favourite technique because of its complete tactile involvement.

My pieces are bold and well suited to contemporary homes. For some time I have been exploring contrasts using resist glazing. Combining smooth red clays and matt black glazes has produced effects reminiscent of both Greek and African forms.

The introduction of barium oxide with its distinctive blue has added further dynamism to the geometric designs. I have also developed more functional slab built dishes that continue the theme of dramatic contrasts.

I find ceramics a wonderfully versatile art form, offering endless areas of exploration. Widening my range of forms through mouldmaking and slip casting in porcelain has kept me occupied and challenged in recent months. Another development is a range of ceramic tiles used in slab relief wall panels.

I have exhibited at several London galleries and am a member of the London Potters Association, regularly taking part in their Annual Exhibition at Morley Gallery.

2017 London Potters Showcase Exhibition - Barbican Library.
2016 Portobello Winter Fair - Tavistock Square, London W11.
  Kindred Artists Open Studios.
2015 Kindred Artists Open Studios.
2010 London Potters Selected Exhibition – The Orangery, Holland Park.
  London Potters  -  Open Exhibition – Morley Gallery.
2007   London Potters - Open Exhibition Prizewinner - Morley Gallery.
  Celebrating Achievement Exhibition - City Hall, London.
2006 Fired Up - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - Nine Clarendon Cross Gallery.
2005  Fired Up - Back to Earth - Ice House Gallery, Holland Park.
  London Potters - Open Exhibition - Morley Gallery.
2004  Fired up - A Passion For Clay - Ice House Gallery, Holland Park.
  Friends Exhibition - L.O.S. - Paolozzi Gallery.
2001  London Potters - Selected Exhibition - Artmonsky Arts.
2000   Winter Exhibition 2000  - Artmonsky Arts.
  London Potters - Urban Ceramics - Morley Gallery.
  Still Life Works - Artmonsky Arts.
  London Potters Out of Town - Selected Exhibition - The Old Bakehouse Gallery, Chichester.
1999   London Potters - All Change - Morley Gallery.
  Leighton House Open Exhibition.
  Festival of African & Caribbean Art - L.O.S. - Paolozzi Gallery.
  London Potters Selected Exhibition - S.C.O.L.A.
1998   London Potters - Perfect Partners Prizewinner - Morley Gallery.
2015 London Potters Annual Exhibition - Best Decorated Piece.
2007 London Potters Annual Exhibition - Best Decorated Piece.
1998 London Potters Annual Exhibition - Best Decorated Piece.
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